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Dot – Mini Wireless Earbud with Mic


Awesome Wireless Earbuds (most loved!)

TouchSafe -Truly Wireless Earbuds / Bluetooth Headphones

$129.00 $63.00

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BAO sports wireless earbuds

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There’s a whole shift happening right now in the world of manufacturing and especially with wireless bluetooth earbuds. A ton of remarkably advanced manufacturers from all over the world are creating awesome tech at a mere fraction of the cost of the big overpriced brands. Affordable, cheap wireless earbuds are out performing many big brands in the audio market. 

Need a more affordable apple airpods alternative? You’ve come to the right place because wireless audio sounds amazing these days. Compression formats for bluetooth 5.0 are extremely stable and smartphones are frequently being produced without jack ports as wireless earbuds take over the world.

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to the features of these wireless bluetooth headphones – with NFC pairing on many and finger print passwords to activate… but let’s not forget simple winners such as interchangeable ear tips.

We have tracked down all the best up and coming brands of wireless earbuds out there and offer you the most technologically advanced wireless earbuds at affordable prices with FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING, direct from our warehouse network across the globe.

These truly wireless earbuds have the sleekest designs and innovative features so you can enjoy music, audio books or crazy cat videos with clarity and the confidence that you’re rocking the latest gear. From noise cancelling headphones to IPX7 waterproof wireless earbuds frequently have sweatproof nano coating, high fidelity sound and built in mic, you can ditch the wires with confidence in our store.

The great thing about these cheap, affordable wireless earbuds is that they:

  • A Long Play time: you commonly only need a couple of hours charging to get a full 8 hours battery life for audio or calls… enough audio time to power your work outs or gym time for a week!
  • Monkeyproof Operation: The control buttons on the bluetooth headphones help you to play & pause music, adjust volume, skip the tracks, answer & finish calls & activate voice control from your phone with a quick and easy operation from the wireless earbuds.
  •  Uber comfortable and stable: Featherweight construction and ergonomically considered design is coupled with customizable accessories from different sized gel eartips, cushy gentle earhooks on sports earbuds for securing them to you in workouts where you’re really grinding.

So if you’ve been wondering whether or not to ditch the wires, please enjoy browsing our site and learning more about our top picks… we hope we help you find your perfect bluetooth wireless earbuds and that they serve you well for years to come.  Thank you for your custom.