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These are some of the best wireless bluetooth earbuds on-line... these little beasts are single/mono earbudsperfect for travel and putting in your pocket as your phone’s companion wherever you go due to their compact nature.

If you need really affordable earbuds – consider these (they may save your life one day… jogging with one ear listening to the traffic around you could be a healthy habit to adopt!).

These are also great bluetooth headphones for parents for the same reason, you can hear your kids calling you if they need you. The deliver still a remarkably clear audio experience despite being ‘just in one ear’ – we use them all the time in the office so we can still take calls or communicate with each other. Though there are times when two truly wireless earbuds do make sense (ie. shut up I’m focusing on my work I don’t care about your cat’s favourite toy!). As there is half the product you’re buying (1, instead of 2) – the price is cheaper for a single earbud as a rule of thumb.

Get stuck in and browse and buy the best earbud products…